Redshift Research Project


This not your typical site, with advice like "pick a good distribution key". This is low-level, detailed, comprehensive research. If you do any kind of serious work with Redshift, the content here will blow you away.

The core content are the white papers, but there are a growing number of Redshift tracking/monitoring pages.


My account on Reddit, and so as I am the founder also the sub r/AmazonRedshift, appear on 2023-09-30 to have been banned by an automated system.

The sub appeared to be working normally, I posted about the Amazon Redshift Serverless PDF, and then Reddit began behaving oddly.

After some investigation, and some guesswork, I concluded my account had been silently shadow-banned, and the sub banned (and then shortly after, deleted).

(Shadow-banning means when you log in as yourself, you see all your posts, and you see them in the threads where they were made. If you view Reddit when logged out, you then see all your posts have been deleted.)

Two years of posts and the sub disappeared, instantly, abruptly, without warning, reason, appeal process or notification, and Reddit is trying to lead me into thinking my account is still active. Make of that what you will.

About Me

My name is Max Ganz II. I began using Redshift the very day it went to GA - I was the engineer in a Stateside three-man startup, and we were trying to get into the Redshift beta programme when GA happened. I then used Redshift intensively (think 80 hour weeks) for a year and a half, and ended up having a monthly one-to-one meeting with one of the Redshift team managers, and one or two features in Redshift today come from those meetings, such as the ALL distribution style.

Before this, I was (and still am) a C programmer; working with all the fundamentals of computing, a kernel developer, and with a particular interest in data structures, which led me to databases, and I wrote my own relational database, in C, from scratch, where the combined understanding of computing fundamentals and databases put me in the ideal position to move into data engineering.

Fast-forward to about seven years ago and I picked up the Redshift thread once more, with some contract work, and then with a view to writing a book, which came in the end to be this web-site, and the research and monitoring published here, and Combobulator, a browser-based PII and regulatory safe Redshift management application, distributed as an AMI, and providing consultancy services.


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