Redshift Research Project


My account on Reddit, and so as I am the founder also the sub r/AmazonRedshift, appear on 2023-09-30 to have been banned by an automated system.

The sub appeared to be working normally, I posted about the Amazon Redshift Serverless PDF, and then Reddit began behaving oddly.

After some investigation, and some guesswork, I concluded my account had been silently shadow-banned, and the sub banned (and then shortly after, deleted).

(Shadow-banning means when you log in as yourself, you see all your posts, and you see them in the threads where they were made. If you view Reddit when logged out, you then see all your posts have been deleted.)

Two years of posts and the sub disappeared, instantly, abruptly, without warning, reason, appeal process or notification, and Reddit is trying to lead me into thinking my account is still active. Make of that what you will.

I knew Reddit were untrustworthy when some time ago a post was pinned to all subs, as if it were posted by the moderator, exhorting readers to use the sub lounge (a real-time chat mechanism). This post was deliberately hidden from the moderators - if the moderator viewed their sub while logged in, the post was specifically hidden from them. I discovered the post by accident, when one day happening to browse not logged in. Then more recently the API pricing debacle occurred.

As such, I've been working towards moving away from Reddit, which is why I've been developing the forum on this site. That day has now come, unfortunately without me being able to inform readers where to go instead - however, they all know the site, so I think they will find their way here, and so also find out what happened.

I have now used a bulk-delete utility to scramble all my posts on Reddit. You cannot in fact delete posts on Reddit - there is a button which says "delete", but that's not what it does (it merely removes your name from the post) - so what's done is that every post is edited and the content replaced by garbage. I have also deleted my account.

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