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System view pg_catalog.svcs_segment_starts version 1.0.41465 / 2022-09-10

schema name column data type
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts node int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts pid int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts query int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts seg int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts slice int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts starttime timestamp
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts tasknum int4
pg_catalog svcs_segment_starts userid int4

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SELECT stcs.userid,
       CAST('1970-01-01 00:00:00' AS timestamp) + (CAST((CAST(stcs.starttime AS numeric) / (1000.0 * 1000.0)) + 946684800.0 AS double precision) * CAST('00:00:01' AS interval)) AS starttime,
       map.primary_query AS query,
FROM stcs_segment_starts AS stcs
     INNER JOIN stcs_concurrency_scaling_query_mapping AS map ON map.concurrency_scaling_query = stcs.query
WHERE stcs.__cluster_type = CAST('cs' AS bpchar)
  AND to_date(CAST(stcs.__log_generated_date AS text),
              CAST('YYYYMMDD' AS text)) > (getdate() - CAST('7 days' AS interval))
  AND to_date(CAST(map.__log_generated_date AS text),
              CAST('YYYYMMDD' AS text)) > (getdate() - CAST('7 days' AS interval))
  AND CAST(map.concurrency_scaling_cluster AS text) = split_part(CAST(stcs.__path AS text),
                                                                 CAST('/' AS text),

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