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System view pg_catalog.svv_transactions version 1.0.41465 / 2022-09-10

schema name column data type
pg_catalog svv_transactions granted bool
pg_catalog svv_transactions lockable_object_type varchar(14)
pg_catalog svv_transactions lock_mode varchar(24)
pg_catalog svv_transactions pid int4
pg_catalog svv_transactions relation int4
pg_catalog svv_transactions txn_db text
pg_catalog svv_transactions txn_owner text
pg_catalog svv_transactions txn_start timestamp
pg_catalog svv_transactions xid int8

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SELECT rtrim(CAST(s.user_name AS text)) AS txn_owner,
       rtrim(CAST(s.db_name AS text)) AS txn_db,
       CAST( AS integer) AS pid,
       t.start_ts AS txn_start,
       CAST(l.mode AS varchar(24)) AS lock_mode,
              WHEN l.relation IS NULL
                THEN CAST('transactionid' AS text)
              ELSE CAST('relation' AS text)
            END AS varchar(14)) AS lockable_object_type,
       CAST(l.relation AS integer) AS relation,
FROM stv_transactions AS t
     LEFT JOIN pg_locks AS l ON =
     LEFT JOIN stv_sessions AS s ON s.process =
WHERE t.ended = 0
  AND s.user_name <> CAST('rdsdb' AS bpchar)
ORDER BY t.start_ts,

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