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Weather Report

I made fundamental changes to cluster bring up, to try to work around the now long-standing problems with clusters reporting availability but in fact not being able to accept connections.

This has helped, and I now have the large ra3 nodes coming up successfully, but still in one or two regions, one or two ra3 clusters did not become available in a timely manner and after a couple of full retries (delete cluster, make new cluster).

region node comments
ap-northeast-1 dc2.large Disk read-write slow.
ap-northeast-2 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
ap-northeast-3 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
ap-south-1 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
ap-southeast-1 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
ap-southeast-2 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
eu-central-1 ra3.xlplus Cluster failed to start.
eu-west-1 ra3.xlplus Cluster failed to start.
us-west-1 dc2.large Disk read-write slow, networking slow.
us-west-2 dc2.large Networking slow.

(Thinking to take a day or two off and build some code to make ongoing gnuplots of all the data :-)


Cross-Region Benchmarks as Gnuplots

It finally happened :-)


Redshift Version Tracker Improvement

The version tracker is now also tracking maintenance track. Previously, it was current track only.

Current maintenance release is from 27th Jan - and today is 19th April!

But we’ve had now no new release on current since 1st March, a big long gap.


Problems With New RS Version, 1.0.66954

After about six or seven weeks, a new Redshift version is out, on the current track.

Currently in four regions, ap-south-1, eu-central-1, us-east-2, us-west-2.

Maintenance track hasn’t changed.

Cluster admin are reporting 5x query slow-downs, and are diving for safety to the maintenance track (and I have to say, I was shocked anyone is running current track - Redshift just isn’t reliable enough for that).

One admin reporting problems say it was bad in the morning, but has seems better now.

I’ve dumped the system tables for the new release, and they’ve not changed; same number of functions, tables and views, with no changes.


Trailing Track

Well, I have some interesting and completely unexpected news.

First, a couple more regions have moved up to the new 1.0.66954 version on current. Fine and dandy.

But, to my complete surprise, FOUR REGIONS ONLY have moved up on trailing, and - get this - to version 1.0.66960 (!!!)

I had thought all regions moved together on trailing, and to a version which had already been in current.

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