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System Table Version 1.0.41465 / 2022-09-10

schema name column data type
information_schema domain_constraints constraint_catalog sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints constraint_name sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints constraint_schema sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints domain_catalog sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints domain_name sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints domain_schema sql_identifier
information_schema domain_constraints initially_deferred character_data
information_schema domain_constraints is_deferrable character_data

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SELECT CAST(current_database() AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS constraint_catalog,
       CAST(rs.nspname AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS constraint_schema,
       CAST(con.conname AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS constraint_name,
       CAST(current_database() AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS domain_catalog,
       CAST(n.nspname AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS domain_schema,
       CAST(t.typname AS information_schema.sql_identifier) AS domain_name,
              WHEN con.condeferrable
                THEN CAST('YES' AS text)
              ELSE CAST('NO' AS text)
            END AS information_schema.character_data) AS is_deferrable,
              WHEN con.condeferred
                THEN CAST('YES' AS text)
              ELSE CAST('NO' AS text)
            END AS information_schema.character_data) AS initially_deferred
FROM pg_namespace AS rs, pg_namespace AS n, pg_constraint AS con, pg_type AS t, pg_user AS u
WHERE rs.oid = con.connamespace
  AND n.oid = t.typnamespace
  AND u.usesysid = t.typowner
  AND u.usename = CAST("current_user"() AS name)
  AND t.oid = con.contypid

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