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System view pg_catalog.svv_identity_providers version 1.0.67699 / 2024-05-26

schema name column data type
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers enabled bool
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers instanceid varchar(256)
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers name varchar(128)
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers namespc varchar(128)
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers params varchar(2048)
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers type varchar(128)
pg_catalog svv_identity_providers uid int4

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SELECT (pg_identity_provider.uid)::integer AS uid, ( varying(128) AS name, (pg_identity_provider."type")::character varying(128) AS "type", (pg_identity_provider.instanceid)::character varying(256) AS instanceid, (pg_identity_provider.namespc)::character varying(128) AS namespc, (regexp_replace(pg_identity_provider.params, '(client_secret|client_x5t|client_pk_base64|client_pk_password)"[\\s]*:[\\s]*\\K"(.*?)"'::text, '\'\''::text, 1, 'p'::text))::character varying(2048) AS params, pg_identity_provider.enabled FROM pg_identity_provider;
AWS in their views sometimes use SQL which is not compatible with Postgres syntax (typically, using an unnamed subquery) and this breaks the Postgres pretty printer I use. AWS do not publish a BNF for Redshift SQL, so there are no Redshift pretty printers; you now get one long line of text, which is still better than the text actually being censored, which is what seems to be happening now with the new SYS views.

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