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System view pg_catalog.sys_copy_job_info version 1.0.67699 / 2024-05-26

schema name column data type
pg_catalog sys_copy_job_info database_name char(128)
pg_catalog sys_copy_job_info job_id int8
pg_catalog sys_copy_job_info job_name char(128)
pg_catalog sys_copy_job_info message char(512)
pg_catalog sys_copy_job_info record_time timestamp

View Text

Error: describing system view <sys_copy_job_info> is disabled.

Note the AWS are as you see here censoring the SQL of more recent system tables views. This is problematic, as the docs are no good, and so it's not uncommon to need to view the text to make sense of the output. I am of the view AWS, at least as far as Redshift are concerned, has a culture of secrecy and I see this as more of the same. I can absolutely no reason or benefit, for users, for censoring the view text.

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